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Project management activities


Project management

  • Project owner (MOA)
  • Project Management Assistance (PMA)
  • Assistance in change management
  • Implementation of an ERP solution
  • IS Audit


  • Project management (MOE)
  • Project Management Assistance (PMA)
  • Technical architecture
  • Engineering
  • IBM iSeries Application Modernization

Training & Assistance

  • User training
  • Transfer of skills
  • Third party application maintenance
  • Management of user hotline

Project management


The success of a project is never guaranteed from the start. In a constantly evolving world, businesses must rely on new technologies as a major asset to carry out their initiatives successfully. To achieve project success, it is essential to cultivate a “project mindset” and assemble a range of skills, from organization to financial and business management.

The importance of the project mindset

The “project mindset” is the approach that allows framing and understanding a project in its entirety. It involves the ability to anticipate potential challenges, plan stages, identify necessary resources, and establish clear and achievable objectives. At HASP M.S.I., we have developed a systematic and rigorous approach to help our clients adopt this project mindset from the outset.

A personalized approach

At HASP M.S.I., we understand that each project is unique and requires a tailored approach. That’s why we take the time to fully understand your needs, objectives, and constraints to offer you a customized solution. We work closely with your team to develop a clear and detailed roadmap for your project.

Commitment to success

At HASP M.S.I., we are fully committed to the success of your project. We make every effort to meet deadlines, budgets, and set objectives. Our priority is to provide you with an exceptional customer experience and contribute to the successful realization of your projects.

The success of a project hinges on adopting the project mindset and mobilizing key skills. HASP M.S.I. is your trusted partner to succeed in your projects. With our experienced consultants, personalized approach, and technological expertise, we are ready to take on your challenges and guide you toward the success of your initiatives. Trust HASP M.S.I. to carry out your projects successfully.

Our experienced consultants

HASP M.S.I. provides you with a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants, specialized in various fields of expertise. Whether it’s project management, finance, commerce, or administration, our consultants possess the essential skills to effectively manage every aspect of your project.

Technological expertise

New technologies play a crucial role in the success of modern projects. With our expertise in new technologies, we can guide you in adopting solutions that best suit your project. Whether it’s data management, process automation, or systems integration, we are here to support you.


The design phase is a crucial step in your project, requiring high-level technical and business expertise. A well-designed information system will streamline your processes, allow you to control its scalability over time, and adapt to the directions taken by your company.

HASP M.S.I. provides top-notch support by offering you the expertise of specialized engineers in IBM Power solutions. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who have a perfect mastery of the technical and functional specifics of the IBM Power environment.

The importance of technical and business knowledge

To ensure the success of the design of your information system, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge of both the technologies used and the business needs of your company. Our team of expert engineers possesses this dual expertise, allowing us to design tailor-made solutions perfectly suited to your specific requirements.

Tailored support

At HASP M.S.I., we place your needs and objectives at the heart of our approach. We work closely with your team to understand your business challenges and constraints, in order to design a customized solution that perfectly meets your expectations.

A fluid and scalable information system

Thanks to our expertise in IBM Power, we guarantee the implementation of a fluid and high-performing information system. We pay particular attention to the modular and scalable design of your system, allowing you to evolve it at the pace of your company’s developments and needs.

The strength of our IBM Power expert engineers

Our team of expert engineers is specially trained to master the intricacies of the IBM Power environment. Their extensive experience allows them to design robust, secure, and scalable solutions, while ensuring a high level of performance.

By choosing HASP M.S.I. and our IBM Power expert engineers, you benefit from tailored support and sharp expertise for the design of your information system. We are committed to providing you with an optimal solution, meeting your present and future needs, and contributing to the success of your project. Trust our expertise to make your information system a true asset for your company.

Training & Assistance

At HASP M.S.I., we are here to support you until the end of your project. Our goal is to train your teams to reduce reliance on external resources, both functionally and technically.

Once your project is completed, our support team remains available to answer all your questions and provide the necessary assistance. You can rely on our user hotline, which can be set up either internally within your company or externally.

Our commitment to training

We firmly believe in the importance of training your teams to take charge of and optimize the solutions implemented. Our qualified trainers will help you acquire the necessary skills for autonomous and efficient use of your system. Personalized training will make your employees feel comfortable and confident in using the new tools and processes.

Dedicated user hotline

Our support team is available to answer all your questions and assist you when needed. Whether it’s technical assistance or questions related to tool usage, our user hotline will provide you with quick and precise answers.

Reducing external reliance

We understand the importance of reducing reliance on external resources after the project is completed. By training your teams, they will gain autonomy in managing your information system on a daily basis. This will enable you to better control your operational costs and optimize your responsiveness to changes in your company.

Flexibility of options

We offer flexibility in setting up the user hotline, allowing you to choose between in-house management or outsourcing the service. Whatever your choice, our team will always be by your side to provide you with quality support.

At HASP M.S.I., our partnership does not end with project delivery. We remain by your side to support you in adopting your new solution, so you can make the most of it and confidently achieve your goals. Trust our expertise and commitment to your long-term success.

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