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Project management activities


Project management

  • Project owner (MOA)
  • Project Management Assistance (PMA)
  • Assistance in change management
  • Implementation of an ERP solution
  • IS Audit


  • Project management (MOE)
  • Project Management Assistance (PMA)
  • Technical architecture
  • Engineering
  • IBM iSeries Application Modernization

Training & Assistance

  • User training
  • Transfer of skills
  • Third party application maintenance
  • Management of user hotline

What are our products ?

“Web Query for Power System” is a full-web Business Intelligence (BI) tool designed to meet the needs of both non-technical users and IT personnel. This powerful tool allows you to create, modify, and customize data analysis reports to build internal decision-making tools.

Key Features of “Web Query for Power System”:

Real-time Visualization: Enjoy instant display of your data for quick decision-making.
User-Friendly Web Interface: The intuitive interface makes navigation and tool usage easy.
Accessibility for All: Whether you are a computer expert or not, the tool is easy to grasp and provides great user comfort.
Simplified Collaboration: Easily save and share your queries with other users.
Functional Richness: Have full control over your data by manipulating calculations, sorting, filtering, grouping, and customizing result displays.
Export and Sharing of Results: Export your data to Microsoft Excel and print reports in PDF format.
Hassle-Free Installation: Access is provided through a web link, eliminating the need for installation on client machines. Everything is managed from the server.
Cost-Effective Solution: The licensing cost is independent of the number of users, making it an economical option for your company.

With “Web Query for Power System,” harness the full potential of your data in real-time, make informed decisions, and benefit from a high-performance BI solution without complications.

What are our skills?

At HASP M.S.I., we specialize in developing custom solutions for our clients using native IBM Power systems. Here are some of our key competencies:

Web Query for Power System (WQI):
We have a strong command of the Web Query for Power System (WQI) tool, which allows us to perform advanced real-time data queries and analysis. With this expertise, we provide our clients with quick and easy access to crucial information for their decision-making.

Web Mail for Power System (WMI):
Our expertise in Web Mail for Power System (WMI) enables us to develop robust and efficient webmail solutions for our clients. This competency allows us to create reliable and user-friendly internal communication systems.

Custom Developments:
We specialize in designing and implementing specific modules tailored to our clients’ needs. Among the areas where we excel are fiscal archiving, business management, expense note management, and the implementation of automatic VAT modules. Our custom developments ensure a perfect alignment with our clients’ business processes.

At HASP M.S.I., we take pride in our ability to provide cutting-edge solutions on IBM Power environments. Our experienced team will implement custom developments that perfectly fit your business needs, while offering a user-friendly experience and optimal operational efficiency. Trust our expertise to turn your challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

How do you benefit from our tools?

By choosing HASP M.S.I. for your specific development solutions, you will benefit from a range of significant advantages, thanks to our powerful tools and in-depth expertise in the IBM Power environment.

Quick access to crucial information:
With our skills in Web Query and Mail for IBM Power, you will have fast and real-time access to essential data for your decision-making. Our mastery of these tools will provide you with immediate and reliable answers to your queries.

Custom solutions tailored to your needs:
Our specific developments guarantee a perfect alignment with your business processes. You will enjoy personalized solutions that precisely meet your requirements.

Power of the IBM Power environment:
By using native IBM Power systems, we fully harness the power of this environment, resulting in high-performance, secure, and scalable applications. You will benefit from a robust infrastructure to meet your present and future needs.

Optimal operational efficiency:
With our powerful tools and specific developments, you can optimize your operational efficiency. Rapid information retrieval, streamlined management of your business processes, and the quality of our applications will enhance your productivity.

By choosing HASP M.S.I., you gain access to a winning combination of powerful tools, sharp expertise in the IBM Power environment, and a dedicated team ready to meet your specific needs. Trust us to turn your challenges into success and accelerate your company’s growth.

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